The Art of Wearing High Heels©

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It is my pleasure to welcome you on The Art of Wearing High Heels ©. If you are like me, you like shoes and particularly high heel shoes! They give a tone to your style; they give a rhythm to our walk and reveal a little bit of our personality. But above all, they touch a sensitive cord in our femininity.

The art of wearing high heels goes beyond the mere process of learning how to walk in high heels. It is a philosophy. It is an art of being. An art of awakening the true woman who lies dormant within. By learning to understand and cherish our body, by acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, we set off a process to develop and reinforce our self-esteem. By working on our deportment and by striving to find the right posture, we integrate fluidity and nimbleness into our movements which in turn will bring about grace and harmony in our body language: a genuine form of elegance, our own form of elegance will emerge as a result. By reinforcing our self confidence through our new born elegance, we will start freeing ourselves from stereotypes, clichés and other patterns and molds that hamper the expression of our own femininity.

High heels are both an ideal pretext and an exceptional tool to take up with our femininity again. Together we will develop the capacities we need to discover our true feminine essence. By defining our feminine individuality with its unique peculiarities we will naturally mark ourselves out from other women. There are no possible comparisons because there is no other woman like you. To be unique is precious. So to all the women who are reading these lines, because you are unique and so precious, you should already feel marvelous. And I make it my mission statement to have you realize it.